Seminar Highlights
SAIB successfully organized 2016International Symposium on City Risk Management (2016-12-01)

SAIB sponsored 2016 Shanghai Rolex Master Event Insurance Exchange Meeting (2016-11-07)

SAIB sponsored the Seminar for Dangerous Goods Vehicles Safety Monitoring (2016-01-19)

SAIB Held “Safety Work Conference for Shanghai Taxi Industry” (2014-08-07)

2014 Forum of Enterprise Operation on Carrier’s Liability Insurance for Dangerous Goods Transportation Industry in Shanghai Held by SAIB (2014-07-10)

SAIB Held 2013 Enterprise Session on Carrier Liability Insurance of Shanghai Dangerous Cargoes Transportation Industry (2013-12-04)

SAIB sponsored session on dangerous cargo transportation industry safety management in Shanghai (2013-12-04)

SAIB sponsored 2013 training session on Shanghai inter-provincial passengers transport safety (2013-10-29)

SAIB Organized Branches Meeting for Shanghai Road Transportation Trade Association (2012-09-14)

SAIB Organized Inauguration Meeting of Cold Transport Committee of Shanghai Road Transportation Trade Association (2012-04-20)

SAIB Organized Shanghai Road Transport Companies Safety Meeting (2011-3-30)

SAIB Organized Safety Training for Shanghai Taxi Industry (2011-12-30)

The stage evaluation for promoting the Shanghai Inland Vessle’s Pollution Liability Insurance (2011-12-02)

SAIB Organized Safety Training for Shanghai Passenger Carrier Companies (2011-11-25)

SAIB And CPIC Held Seminar on Oil Pollution Liability Insurance (2011-10-28)

SAIB Held Seminar on Offshore Oil and Gas Insurance (2011-10-28)

SAIB Supported Press Conference of Shanghai Road Transport Association on “Perform the Service Function of the Association and Create New Safety Management Mode” (2011-09-09)

  2009 International Seminar on Environmental Liability(2009-03-24)

  SAIB Holds Regular Seminars on Marine Energy Insurance(2008-09-09)

  SAIB successfully organized 2008 International Conference on sports insurance(2008-07-16)

  SAIB successfully organized 2007 International Seminar on Marine Insurance(2007-11-09)