Introduction on NanTong Branch Office

    Under the approval of CIRC Jiangshu Province, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd,. set up its Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd., Nantong Branch on 28th April 2005.

    Nantong is situated along the coast of China East Sea and nort of mouth of Yantse River. Nantong was one of 14 cities ‘Opening to Foreign Countries’ declared by Chinese Government. Under the jurisdiction of Nantong, there are Rugao, Tongzhou, Haimen, Qidong, Haian, Rudong, Chongchuan, Gangzha and Nantong Economical & Technology Development Area. The total area of its administration is 8,000 square km that is 1/12 of area of Jiangshu Province.Population 8 million

     Since the opening of our country, the economy has developped rapidly with its GDP around ¥1,006.65 billion in 2004. The increment is 13.4% and the financial revenue over ¥140 billion that is increased 20.8% over 2003.

    The establishment of Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd., Nantong Branch results in the brand-new protection and service for the economic development in that area. As the first insurance brokers in Nantong insurance market, it will act as a professional broker to provide local companies, factories, services, agricuture, stock raising, fishing and the major projects with the risk management and insurance service in keeping abreast of international standard.

    In the principle of ‘Sincereness and Service Spirit’, Nantong Branch will play a major role in helping the government in offering the service to enterprises and insurance protection for the purpose of economic development.

    There are 13 staffs in     Nantong Branch including its general manager Mr.Sha Jian Liang. The Branch consists of Comprehensive Dept., Marketing Dept., Car & Hull Dept. and Financial Dept. that could offer the service to their clients for marine hull, terninals, construction projects, property, liability insurance and professional risk management for PA and GPA insurance, insurance protecton and reinsurance brokerage.

Nan Tong Branch Office
Address: Room 801,8F,Waitan Building, No.47,West Waihuan Road, Nantong
Zip Code: 226000