Only Delegate from Insurance Intermediary, Mr. Bao Rongqing, Chairman of SAIB, Attended & Made Speech at Symposium on Reform And Development of Insurance Industry   (2012-05-04)
     SAIB’s Internationalization   (2017-06-20)
     Chairman Bao Rongqing was selected to the Most Important 100 Chinese in Shipping Industry List   (2016-12-26)
     Shanghai Cruise Delay and Cancellation Comprehensive Insurance developed by SAIB was awarded to 2016 Shanghai Promotion of Modern Shipping Services Innovation Project   (2016-12-21)
     SAIB Was Nominated for the Most Concerned Insurance Company in 2016 by “China Insurance News”   (2017-01-05)
     The Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform of Jiangsu Province Built by SAIB Officially Launched   (2017-01-16)
     The “Tibet Autonomous Region Road Transport Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform “Built by SAIB Was Officially Launched   (2017-08-23)
     The News Channel of STV Released a Special Report on "Shanghai Municipal Traffic Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform" Built and Operated by SAIB   (2017-09-01)
     The “Tibet Autonomous Region Road Transportion Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform”held the Official Operational Ceremony   (2017-10-12)
     The “Guizhou Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” Built by SAIB Was Officially Launched   (2017-10-12)
     SAIB Attended the International Reinsurance Platform Seminar Organized by the Shanghai Insurance Exchange    (2017-11-20)
     SAIB (UK) was invited to attend the Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s 19th CPC National Congress primary coverage briefing   (2017-11-15)
     SAIB Attended and Made a Thematic Speech on the 2017 China Eastern and Western Traffic and Transport Cooperating Bureau Officials Symposium and the Second “Internet + Transportation” Innovation and Cooperation Forum   (2017-11-06)